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                                          ​Graduations are an exciting time around my studio where young girls come with their friends  to get that perfect prom look, My studio is equipped to welcome large groups of girls where they can relax in a non intimidating atmosphere and wait their turn to get glammed. Some of my regular clients are seasonal, come Halloween or Christmas time there is always someone looking for a makeup application that will bring their look together.  

                                      Women in their 50s and 60s are especially enjoyable to have in my chair, There is always great laughs and conversation. Some are very successful business women who just need an update on makeup tips, some are wanting to reinvent a new look for themselves, or have a special occasion to attend and they just need to relax and get away for short session.

                                       Although my studio is convenient for many I am never opposed to traveling to an office or residence, with the fast paced lives  many of us lead it may not always be possible to visit me.  My career is exciting I must say,  there are not too many careers that allow you to step into one`s personal space only to make them feel better for it, whether it`s a man or a women, we all need a little extra confidence and reassurance in this world and nothing gives me more pleasure in helping my clients see the best in themselves.

  My clientele are people from all walks of life.                        I have people coming to me from different ethnicities , ages and genders. Having a background as a makeup artist in Toronto film and television , I still get the always surprising call from celebrities that are flying in for a interview or film festival . However some of my favorite clients are the housewives, or the business professional who needs either a makeup lesson or application, and of course let me not forget the beautiful brides who want to look their best.

                 I take great pride in what I do and know how nervous a client can be having their makeup done for the first time or in fact anytime. Some may be nervous because they may be attending a certain function that has them a little jittery, or it could be a boudoir photo shoot, whatever  the case I can promise a relaxed and enjoyable session.

                  I get excited when a mother calls to book an appointment for her teenage daughter who is discovering the world of makeup and needs to learn a thing or two before mom allows her to apply it herself. Young girls have sat in my chair patiently being taught how to apply false lashes for a dance recital, this is when I take a deep breath and have fun.