Good makeup is a reality that you can achieve .Makeup looks and products are forever changing. I sincerely feel that women spend way too much money unnecessarily. We are all guilty of looking through the magazines and admiring the red carpet looks and the models on the cat walks, wearing the latest designer fashions and makeup trends. I feel that women of all ages should focus more on a makeup look that represents who they are on the inside and out. Young girls especially need to focus on their natural beauty rather than to mask it. Purchasing the latest products to get the smokey eye look or the trendy cat eye effect can be extremely costly for a end result that is nothing more than disappointing because they either don¯t have the proper technique or facial structure to accomplish the look.

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​                                                              I am frequently asked what cosmetics lines I carry in my kit. My choice of products are varied. This is mainly due to client requests, quality and costs. For example Chanel products can be very pricey compared to their affiliated line Bourjois, less promotions and simple packaging are a few of the cost effected principals behind this, However, they have most likely kept the formulas identical. I love a pretty package, but for the most part it`s not practical for me. I look for quality and simplicity, this is why my makeup kit consists of several brands unfamiliar to many clients, they are products produced for the pros by the pros.,without all the upscaled packaging. These makeup lines are carefully formulated to withstand the many different conditions and challenges a pro makeup artist can come up against, this consists of skin sensitivity, stronger pigments for more lasting results, and of course texture. However with all that being said I am never opposed to educating myself with the newest lines and techniques.

                                                              As a professionally trained Toronto makeup artist I owe it to my present and future clients to keep my skills and product knowledge up to date. I do not believe in brand bashing, so if a client asks me about a particular cosmetic line I always try to keep a neutral opinion. Cosmetic companies work extremely hard launching their products, it is not my place as a professional to be too critical. My job is to find the best product for your needs.

                                      The cosmetic industry is huge, it can be very intimidating to say the least for the average woman, you walk into a makeup boutique or department store makeup counter and feel overwhelmed with the huge selections of products that guarantee to change the way your eyes or lips look for example, whereas you should never want to change your features to begin with maybe enhance your look but never mask it.  I  would love for all of us to start looking at makeup as art and beauty as science.